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/scoreboard objectives add time dummy

Adds a score called "dummy": this score will be used to change the highscore

/scoreboard objectives add highscore dummy

Adds a score called "highscore": this one will be changed with the scoreboard command

/scoreboard players operation @a highscore > @a time

This command changes "highscore"'s value in "time"'s value, but only if "time"'s value is higher than "highscore"'s value: if you want the score to change when "time"'s value is lower, just replace the ">" with "<"

/scoreboard players add @a time 1

This command adds 1 to the score

/scoreboard players set @a time 0

This score is used to reset the score. If you want to reset the hgscore, just replace "time" with "highscore"