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Loots tables are used in minecraft to generate loots in dungeons, villages and spawn.
Loots inside chests are chosen from a json script, inside some folders in the minecaft folder.
This command works in all the kinds of containers, like droppers, hoppers, ...

command usage:
/setblock 'x' 'y' 'z' block data mode {LootTable:"minecraft:chests/name"}
for example: /setblock ~ ~1 ~ chest 0 replace {LootTable:"minecraft:chests/nether_bridge"}

all loot tables' name
abandoned_mineshaft found in mineshafts
end_city_treasure found in end cities
igloo_chest found in igloos
jungle_temple found in jungle temples' chests
jungle_temple_dispenser found in jungle temples' chests
nether_bridge found in nether fortresses
simple_dungeon found in simple dungeons
spawn_bonus_chest found at spawn
stronghold_corridor found in strongholds' corridors
stronghold_crossing found in strongholds' storage rooms
stronghold_library found in strongholds' libraries
village_blacksmith found in blacsmiths' houses